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It is located on the Pacific coast (Latitude 13° 55 'N / Longitude 90 º 47' W), 98 Kms south from the capital city. Puerto Quetzal belongs to the state, however, since its inception in 1983 uses a mixed farming system, to allow individuals to provide certain services to ship and cargo fees set by the Port Quetzal and approved by Government Agreement . The main dock is marginal and serving vessels are: dry bulk, container carriers, tank, lng, barge, refrigerators, general cargo, roll on - roll off, cruise and cargo ships other than above


Located on the Caribbean coast (latitude 15° 42 'N / Longitude 88 º 37' W), 295 Kms North East from Capital City. Santo Tomás has become the busiest port of Guatemala, handling container vessels, general cargo, cruiser and cargo vessels, while Puerto Barrios handle agricultural produce as well as container vessels. Santo Tomás is also the headquarters of the Guatemalan navy. Guatemala City is linked to Santo Tomás by railroad, highway, and air. The population of Santo Tomás is included with the city of Puerto Barrios.


Puerto Cortes has six docks with a total longitude of 1,157.03 meters. Warehousing with open and close facilities for any type of cargo. Closed warehouses cover an area of 18,000 square meters. Open warehouses reach a total area of 296,000 square meters, from which 106,000 square meters are considered reserved. Other port facilities include: - Easy access to Free Zones and industrial cities - Docking installations - Bank services - Cooling warehouses - Free Zone


San Lorenzo one dock of 300 meters longitude in shape of "T". An access bridge of 160 meters in length. It has 4 Closed warehouses that cover an area of 8,500 square meters. Access to the port is within a canal of 32 kilometers long, 122 meters wide and 11 meters in depth. Other port facilities include: - Easy access to Free Zones and industrial cities on Southern part of Honduras - Docking installations - Bank services - Free Zone


Acajutla is a seaport and municipality in Sonsonate Department, El Salvador. The town is located at 13°35′24″N 89°50′01″W on the Pacific Coast of Central America and is El Salvador's principal seaport from which a large portion of the nation's exports of coffee, sugar, and balsam are shipped. As a municipality, Acajutla is one of seventeen such districts in Sonsonate. As of 1992, the population of the town was 18,008, and of the municipality 47,678.


Puerto Corinto is the main port of Nicaragua. It is located on the Pacific coast, in the department of Chinandega, in the mouth of the Estero El Realejo. It is located at 12º 28´ North and 87º 12´ West. With greater geographical advantage that other ports, is naturally protected from the open sea wave with Sawyers, El Cardon Castañones Peninsula and islands. The land access is through a paved all-weather road and is located 160 kilometers from the capital Managua.